Social Media Integration


In today’s entrepreneurial world, some business seems to have a voice while others’ get diluted in the crowd. It’s no denying that companies increasingly need to own a distinct image.

To succeed, you need your business to stand out. But differentiating yourself is not an easy thing. To that end, creative and original minds are needed.

Today, one of the most effective ways of promoting your business involves social media marketing.  At LifePulseMedia we follow strategies that can help your company get all the social love it needs.  

Setting Audience Profiles and Re-targeting Ad Campaigns


Segmenting your audience into certain profiles will allow you to engage in more profound conversations.

Benefits include:

1. Easily identify promoters and critics.

2. Quick update into social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

3. Better customer feedback.

4. Identification of your audience and targets.

Overall, being able to divide audiences according to their cultural background, ethnicity or language will allow you to better address them. We recommend you consider this option when integrating social media into your marketing plan. 

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